Operation Pluto - 1945

Saturday Cinema - The War Years..

to enable the allies to advance across Europe they needed a reliable fuel supply so for two years they secretly toiled on building and experimenting on undersea pipelines to deliver the juice required to fuel the tanks armour and everything else that needed the fuel in order to get to Berlin... they first tried with an undersea pipe across the Bristol Channel to test the theory...when they saw it worked they began making hundreds of miles of 3 inch armoured pipe from Dungeness under the channel to Calais and Boulogne in Belgium...1600 ton 'bobbins' were used to reel the pipe pulled by various Radbods.... apparently, after ze var, German High Command officials admitted the British use of this secret undersea pipe line was the game-changer... There is a longer film at some 35 minutes showing more of the manufacturing but the quality is a tad wanting (steam driven cameras in those days etc) so I've gone for the shorter Pathe News docu instead which, essentially, tells the tale of Operation Pluto.


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