Police catch cocaine traffickers in the act

Spain - "A gang that imported cocaine from Central America was caught.
Six people have been arrested in Malaga as alleged members of a criminal group that was smuggling 275 kilos (600 LBS) of cocaine distributed in packages hidden in boxes of bananas.

Agents learned that a container from Costa Rica bound Algeciras was suspected of transporting cocaine, which led them to put a GPS device on the container to know their movements.
Once in the town of Malaga, the agents noticed several people waiting who opened the door at a port facility so the truck could embark the ship for the next part of the journey. Police entered the facility and two men immediately tried to flee but were caught.

They discovered 275 packages of approximately one kilo cocaine each, hidden in some of the banana boxes.
In the cabin of the truck carrying the container, the agents located a powerful frequency inhibitor that is generally used to disable GPS tracking devices.
The six detainees, who have already been sent to prison by court order, are charged with drug trafficking."

Happened June 2019 in Spain



By: plakka (2408.40)

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