Parents make sensory board to keep toddler amused during COVID-19 lockdown in France

Parents made a 'sensory board' to keep their toddler entertained instead of letting her use electronic gadgets during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Louwella Sabuya and her husband Justin built the toy using two large boards with a wacky selection of household items.

Footage shows their 14-month-old daughter, Jade, transfixed by her new favourite toy at their home in s in Hauts-de-France in northern France on March 11.

Louwella said that they didn't want the infant becoming hooked on TV or gadgets while they were staying at home because of coronavirus travel restriction

The mother said they were 'under house arrest' with their baby after the day car centre closed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus. France closed its schools on March 13.

They started building the board in the middle of January and it proved useful when the coronavirus restrictions forced them to stay at home.

Louwella said: ''Justin started doing this in the middle of January and it took a substantial amount of time and effort to finish this great work of art. It was composed of old stuff from the attic and garage, things like door handles and lights that aren't used any more.''

Louwella, who is originally from the Philippines but now lives in Europe with her French husband, said similar 'sensory boards' were expensive to buy from children's shop.

She added: ''When we checked the price online, they were all too much just for a small board, so we built this ourselves and it's much better.

''We received lots of praise for this creation so we're very proud and hope that it can inspire other people to do DIY, too.''



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