Gangsta Trump confirms that NATO is a protection racket

It is no secret that USA set up NATO as a protection racket to rob EU countries of their money. World War 2 ended in 1945 and ever since then USA insists that the EU countries pay at least 2% of their GDP in defense, so that America can protect them by selling them more crappy weapons of mass destruction.

But in the 74 years since the war ended, USA has sold lots of overpriced, crappy, obsolete military equipment and nuclear bombs to the EU countries and they are now more than capable of looking after themselves. Russia is no longer a threat to western countries even though western leaders love to demonize President Putin (who is far more respectable and truthful than the entire gang of corrupt western leaders). So who exactly does the EU need protection from?

Bully boy Trump and America impose sanctions on the rest of the world and threaten anyone who breaks their sanctions that they will be alienated - so lets be honest here, the rest of the world totally hate and despise Trump and laugh at him as he displays more stupidity daily.

What America needs to do is to shove its NATO protection racket up its selfish a_s_s hole and continue bombing the middle east to steal their oil and gold just because Israel orders Trump to. This is their only way to make money now.

Leave the EU alone fool. We don't need your protection. Disband NATO immediately and shove your WMDs where the sun don't shine. We don't want any more death and destruction on your orders. Nobody is attacking us.


By: The Turd (783.90)

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