Fake Cop Makes People Think They Are Getting Pulled Over

While traveling northbound on I-15 approaching the Las Vegas Strip, the cam car with several passengers was traveling in the carpool lane and changed lanes over the double line. Upon seeing this, a Ford Explorer speeds up to the cam car very close to the rear bumper, in a similar move used by highway patrol to perform a traffic stop. The cam car moves one lane to the right and the Explorer follows it, despite no other cars being in front of the cam car. The cam car assumed he was going to be pulled over.

The Explorer is the same model used by law enforcement. It had a large square dash camera, a mounted computer in the front seat, and emergency lights held onto the front windscreen with suction cups, and black limo tint (illegal for private passenger cars) on the rear windows. It looked like a law enforcement vehicle.

The cam car driver became suspicious when a traffic stop did not happen, and when he noticed the Explorer did not have a front plate. A call was placed to highway patrol who informed the cam car driver that this was not a law enforcement owned vehicle and to not stop if pulled over.

After a few minutes of following the cam car closely, the Explorer sped off at a high rate of speed. The rear license plate was registered to a private owner. Highway patrol said there was nothing they could do about it.



By: CrazyLVLeaker (3.20)

Tags: Fake Cop, pull over

Location: Las Vegas, NV