German Toddler beheaded by Islamist 12.04.2018 in Hamburg

A 33-year-old suspect from Niger, Mourtala Madou (, beheaded, his little daughter in front of many people and another child of the wife on Thursday morning April 12, 2018.

The one-year-old child died at the scene. Although the 34-year-old mother was reanimated, but died because of her injuries in the hospital a short time later. She is leaving four more children.

The murder suspect has a facebook account showing photos with guns and underaged druged girls.

Mourtala Madou can also play Basketball

And still has time for the regular 'Allahu Akbar'.

In Germany they try to keep the incident off the internet and television.

There was no TV Channel reporting about that incident.
A few months ago, a new law on censorship was initiated called #NetzDG.


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Location: Hamburg