Russia Sending Ammo into Ukraine

This video looks at the large body of evidence indicating Russia's sent (and is still sending) large amounts of ammunition into eastern Ukraine. A two part video series, Part 1 here gives a summary of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. This highlights the so-called "separatist" forces immense size. And the fact that the so-called Donetsk & Luhansk people's republics have given no credible explanation as to where they acquired their vast amounts of tanks, artillery, infantry weapons etc. and importantly how they appear to have a never-ending supply of ammunition. Part 2 will show evidence of Russia suddenly having built large, military supply depots on the Ukrainian border in 2014 and large stocks of ammunition having then appeared in "separatist" controlled Ukraine.



By: Ctrl-X (8793.30)

Tags: Ukraine, News, Russia Smuggling Arms, Russian Invasion

Location: Ukraine