Yoursay On CoronaVirus & A Walk In The Park

Yoursay saying coronavirus is a beeotch. Just chill and be sensible and sane, and all will get sorted out, regarding getting this nasty business under control. In due time. Disregard the fearmongering bullshite. Things are gonna be alright. After the yoursay segment of my upload, I have a collection of clips that make up a video of a walk in Riverside Park on the Indian River, in the center of New Smyrna Beach, on the mainland side. I think that I'll get over to the beach and make a video over there, real soon. Will get that out to you housebound LLers, as well. Cheers. Life goes on......

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Title: BoxcarRag


By: Cipher This (3662.40)

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Location: East Central Florida, United States