Trucker's dash cam shows different perspective on trooper crash

A local trucking company and its driver are releasing new video of what happened before a box truck and a state trooper crashed Friday on I-15.

Roland Terry, the driver involved in the crash said:

I want them to know the whole truth. It was not my fault.

The Utah Highway Patrol trooper was conducting a slow-down maneuver in which the vehicle, with emergency lights and siren on, zigzags across all lanes of traffic in order to slow people down. It’s usually done to allow another trooper farther down the road to remove a hazard from the road, like a washing machine, tire or ladder.

Terry, who works for West Valley City-based PackageRunner Transport, said a red car trying to pass the trooper caused confusion.

“It was the little red car that kept going this way and that way trying to figure out a way to get around the police officer,” Terry said.

Dash cam video from the trucker’s perspective shows the trooper moving over to block the red car and tapping his brakes.

Frans Meyer, director of quality for PackageRunner, said he stands by his driver.

“I think the last thing he expected was the driver to pull back out and continue the maneuver,” Meyer said.

The two vehicles collided and a third vehicle hit the back of the box truck, according to the Sandy Police Department, which investigated the crash. Officers cited Terry with failing to yield to an emergency vehicle with lights and siren activated. The company plans to fight the citation.

It was the truck driver’s first time witnessing the maneuver in his decades on the road. He feared he’d be fired, saying his initial reaction was: “I’m done. This is it for me. End of my job, end of my career, end of my new house, everything.”

Now, Terry is happy he still has a job.
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