Beer Tasting in the Australian Bush

OK, if you think I'm an idiot then this video isn't going to help my cause. It's way too long for LiveLeak to have no politics (although you do hear Trump mentioned once if you listen carefully) or gore so I've included the one minute preview. If you are board and have 15 minutes to spare, then have a look - it's a bit wrong in places and gets worse (or better depending on which way you're looking at it) as the video goes on (and more alcohol is consumed) and yeah, I'm probably playing up to the camera a bit. For those that remember my Dozy Dave video from my old account, Dave is the guy in the blue shirt.
I seriously wouldn't bother watching it unless you don't mind my Beer Walk videos or watching dickheads drink beers in the wilderness. Good luck.


By: MickyD (1076.70)

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Location: Murchison VIC 3610, Australia