Burglary suspects arrested after running over PMs, crashing cars and overturning

Two suspects of home theft were arrested on Tuesday afternoon (10) after a police chase in the Pinheiros neighborhood, in the West Zone of São Paulo. During the escape, the car in which the pair was overturned and narrowly missed pedestrians standing in a row. (See video above) .

The suspects got stuck in a traffic jam on Avenida Faria Lima and ran over one of the police officers surrounding the vehicle. In images recorded by cell phones it is possible to see that men did not surrender during the police approach.

Even stopped in the traffic, the driver reverses and hits the policeman and one of the bikes used by the agents. Then he accelerates, hits other vehicles and manages to escape. The police follow the chase on foot for a few more meters.

nother video from a security camera shows the moment when the car where the suspects were was hitting the side of another vehicle, losing control and hood on Rua dos Pinheiros. The vehicle drags down the street, up the sidewalk and only stops when it hits a pole. It narrowly misses the people who were in a queue.

One suspect manages to open the door and get out of the car. He tries to escape, but is restrained by pedestrians and later by one of the police. The second man comes out of the rear window, but is held by two men. Then a military policeman arrives and arrests him.

Around 6 pm, Rua dos Pinheiros remained closed at the time of Cunha Gago Street and the police waited for the arrival of the expert to release the site.

The case was registered in the 14th Police District (Pinheiros). In a statement, the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) reported that the two had just stolen a residence in Alto de Pinheiros. They were in "a Hyundai IX35, which had been stolen in Taboão da Serra."

Still according to the SSP note, "a weapon used by the perpetrators has been seized and sent to the forensic investigation. Men will be indicted for home and vehicle theft, receiving and criminal association."



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Location: Pinheiros, brazil