Cop speaks to clerk who denies purchase due to Puerto Rico ID

Back on Thursday, Ruth Caraballo went to a Circle K in Boulder to get gas and cigarettes. But the clerk told her she couldn't purchase the cigarettes because there was a problem with her ID.

Caraballo, who is American, said she is visiting Colorado and currently lives in Puerto Rico.

She said she called police to help facilitate in hopes of clearing it up, and an officer, wearing a body camera, showed up to try to talk to the manager.

She actually felt it was inappropriate because Puerto Rico is actually a US territory,

"But it's not a US-issued ID though. That's the problem," the clerk said.

Caraballo said she felt the clerk was unfair toward her because she is from Puerto Rico.

"I'm American, and it feels like somebody discriminated against me because of my nationality. It makes feel really bad," Caraballo said.

She said she tried to contact Circle K corporate, but they have not returned her calls. She said all she wants is an apology.


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Tags: Circle K rejects woman's Puerto Rican driver's license

Location: Colorado