Villagers worshipping 'lucky' pig with two heads and eight legs

Thai villagers have been worshipping this mutant baby pig - born with two heads, three ears and eight legs.

The piglet was the 13th in a litter born on a farm in rural Udon Thani province, northeastern Thailand on April 27.

Locals believe the stillborn creature was sent to them to bring good luck - and they're now flocking to the owner's house where the corpse has been pickled in a jar.

Residents were seen sitting cross-legged while praying to the dead pig and choosing their lottery numbers based on its features.

Owner Kanchana Supanich, 46, said the most popular number had been 13 - as the piglet was the 13th to be born to its mother, nicknamed Fat.

While 38 - because the pig has three ears and eight legs - had been popular as well as 28 - due to the two heads and eight legs.

Kanchana added: ''I have never seen any animal born like this with eight legs, three ears and two heads.

''I'm sure he will bring the village good fortune.''



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