Body camera video shows ‘ambush’ shooting of Cleveland police officer

Body camera video released Wednesday shows the July 20 shooting of Cleveland police officer

Police say officer Jennifer Kilnapp and her partner were responding to a call for help when they were ambushed by the suspect, Darryl Borden.

The shooting happened during the early morning hours of July 20 at a boarding house on East 81st Street.

Kilnapp can be heard on the body camera video saying she had been shot.

Kilnapp was taken to the hospital for treatment. Police say she was shot in the arm and back.

Cleveland Police Union President Jeff Follmer said Kilnapp is home recovering and expected to be OK.

“They did an amazing job getting out of there,” Follmer said. “It’s a scary thing for any police officer hearing gunshots but knowing it’s in a secluded area with other people around it’s even worse. They did a really good job.”


By: MadChadMcluvin (923.00)

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