Boy, 4, spins himself round on barber's stool before stumbling into ornamental display

A toddler spun himself around on a barber's chair until he was so dizzy he stumbled into a Chinese shrine.

The four-year-old lad named Ben was playing in the barber's shop while his father, Duc Duy, was talking on the phone.

The father said he was so busy chatting with a customer making a reservations that he did not notice his son playing in the chair.

CCTV footage from the shop in Binh Luc, Vietnam on June 10 at 7:40PM shows the toddler spinning his spinning game before stumbling across the ground.

He then fell into a lucky Chinese shrine at the entrance but fortunately he was unhurt.

Duc Duy said: "My little boy looked like a drunk person. When he fell over he looked worried for a while and called for me. It took a few minutes for him to recover.

''Now when we watch it back it's funny but it's also scary because he could have been seriously hurt if he had fallen onto something dangerous.''


By: NewsFlare (80367.00)

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