Dog urinates on Filipino teenager too busy playing on mobile phone to move

This is the hilarious moment a cheeky dog lifts its leg to pee on a teenager who was absorbed in his mobile phone.

The lad was sitting outside the house playing games on the handset when the pooch wandered over to him in Novaliches City, the Philippines on August 7.

He was so engrossed in his mobile phone that he stayed still and did not notice the mutt swaggering over to him and cocking its hind leg.

CCTV captured the moment the one-year-old Aspin dog Ollie casually sprayed the teenager before scampering away.

Resident Marie Maapoy captured the amusing moment on her home's CCTV camera.

Marie said: ''The dog lives in the house with me and he's very cheeky but he's a good boy.

"I said sorry to the boy, but I can't help but laugh. He was cool about it, but it looks like he won't be playing with his games on that spot again."



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Location: Philippines