Bodycam video shows San Diego deputies fatally shoot man armed with butcher knife

The San Diego District Attorney’s office has completed its review of an incident from November 2018 in which a suspect exited his apartment in the East County with a knife in his hand and advanced toward the deputies. All three deputies fired their weapons, shooting and killing the suspect.

On November 12, 2018, Sheriff’s communications received calls about a man screaming, talking about killing people and throwing items. The callers reported Daniel Ayala, 31, appeared to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol and had a young child with him.

Three Sheriff’s deputies responded and a witness directed them to a second floor apartment. The three deputies stood on a small outdoor landing outside of the apartment door and knocked on the door, repeatedly identifying themselves as Sheriff’s deputies and requesting to talk with Ayala, according to the D.A.'s account.

Ayala opened the front door of the apartment and suddenly plunged a large kitchen knife through the door toward one of the deputies. Ayala exited the apartment with the knife in his hand, advancing toward the deputies. All three deputies fired their weapons and Ayala sustained multiple gunshot wounds, according to the letter signed by District Attorney Summer Stephan.

Ayala's five-year-old son was located alone and unharmed inside the apartment. Deputies rendered medical aid to Ayala until paramedics arrived at the scene. Despite the life-saving efforts, Ayala succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

An autopsy showed Ayala had evidence of methamphetamine, heroin, cannabis and alcohol in his system.



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