D-Day 75 special: Dakotas over Duxford

LiveLeak OC. As part of the D-Day 75th anniversary celebrations, 'Daks Over Duxford' was the largest gathering of Douglas DC3/C47s in one place since WW2.
Twenty three C47 Dakotas (AKA Skytrains) and DC3s were on display, fifteen of them having flown over specially for the occasion from the US using the same route as was used during WW2 with refuelling stops in Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Scotland before their arrival at Duxford. Several of the planes present were D-Day veterans used to drop paratroops on June 6th 1944.
Unfortunately a planned mass parachute drop by parachutists dressed in period uniforms and using WW2 style round parachutes was cancelled at the last minute due to excessively high wind speeds. The wind didn't do my attempts at videoing the event any favours either, hence the shaky picture at times and the wind noise, although admittedly both of these factors could also be blamed on my age...


By: Ewan Husami (6852.70)

Tags: Liveleakers, D-Day, 75th anniversary, Duxford, Douglas, C47, DC3, Dakota, Skytrain

Location: Duxford, Cambridgeshire, England