Birds kill themselves by crashing into a building

In a disturbing scene that plays out like nightmare straight from an Alfred Hitchcock movie, hundreds of birds were filmed flying into the side of the @sscard, er, nascar hall of "Fame" in Charlotte on Tuesday night, killing themselves.
The footage shows more than 300 hundred chimney swifts strewn across the ground after flying into the glass-fronted museum around 11pm on Tuesday night.
Officials from the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue were summoned to the scene to reports that dozens of birds were dying as they repeatedly dived straight into the building's windows, in a bizarre occurrence that had been going on for more than an hour.
Some of the birds got up from the ground and tried 'killing themselves again' by flying into different buildings nearby, a witness said


By: VagabundoR1 (10982.06)

Tags: Birds, committing, suicide

Location: USA