Lucky escape as man slips into raging floodwaters when riverbank collapses

An Indian man had lucky escape recently when he slipped into raging floodwaters after the riverbank he was standing on collapsed.

Fokuruddin, a resident of a village near Kamrup in Northeastern India, had gone to see the flood waters of River Brahmaputra on May 26th.

He and his friends stood on the river bank near a local school when a section of the riverbank gave way.

Fokuruddin slipped into the water but managed to get back on his feet quickly as his friends pulled him to safety.

“The man and his friends didn’t seem to realise that he had cheated death and continued to smile,” said the filmer.

“Landslides occur regularly in the area during floods and many have died. But still people flock to the edge of the bank to see the swollen river,” he added.



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Location: India