Local man discovers cruel depiction of himself in mural.

Sunday Janruary 6 2018
In a bizarre twist of events a local "homeless" man was puzzled to find his portrait emblazoned on the neighborhood market tuesday. Authorities say the man, a fixture in the soco (south congress ave.) area has been in the 'hood for the past several years. The night manager at the grocer said that "..it's typical for these tramps to be exploited as advertising mascots" in the Keep It Weird campaign which has been popular for decades with the chamber of commerce. In fact the successful campaign has been more or less franchised to most of the larger liberal leaning cities in North America, so they can keep their own municipalities just as weird or even weirder. With this guerilla advertizing, there's precious little the victims can to avoid participating because they are homeless. the situation often develops regular citizens into a sort of public figure worthy of carrying a brand, in this case the brand is The City Of Austin. and it's being sold by the pound as a quaint vilage where folks are free to be weird. But caveat emptor the impression couldn't be farther from the truth.

When asked about the portrait the man said : "it's their wall and it's a free country, i guess. it would have been nice to have been asked. and well it's a little inacurate, it shows me with armloads of groceries. I can never really afford that much at once. and besides whaer am i supposed to keep all that food? it would go bad or get eaten by the 'coons and 'possums. Folks ache, I don't have a fridge.


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