Rescued cat give her new owner massages when he returns home from work

A rescue cat has learned how to give her owner a tummy massages when he returns home from work.

Two-year-old female cat Namman is seen in the video massaging pet lover Pokkrong Pornanuwong, 38, at his home in Trang, southern Thailand.

She was rescued after getting stuck in his car engine and Pokkrong taught her how to massage his torso.

While the man's Pomeranian dog, Namkhaeng, has learned how to stand on his back legs and bring his paws together to beg for snacks.

Pokkrong said he has been able to give more attention to his pets due to the pandemic. He has four cats and one dog, but he said the two with their unique skills are the most entertaining.

Pokkrong joked that after adopting Namman the cat, he made her work for her meals by giving him massages.

He said :"I first found the cat stuck in my car engine without knowing where she came from, so after helping it out of the engine I decided to raise her.

"Back then I taught her how to do a massage and joked to her that she had to work in exchange for food.

"Nowadays when I come back home from work she will run to me and give me a massage as a greeting."

Pokkrong added that his smart pet Pomeranian loves to ask for food, even from strangers walking by the house.

He said: "Namkhaeng is a tricky dog who deceives stranger with his manners, as he always bring his paws together to shows respect.

"However, he does not do this to everybody. He is only police to people carrying food. He is a cunning dog."



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