The traditional art of weaving still thrives in this small Indonesian village

The art of natural fibre weaving using traditional tools is still being preserved in Gamplong hamlet, a popular destination for handicraft products.

Located in Sleman, an Indonesian regency on the island of Java, the art of weaving has been around for many decades, since the 1950s and is still the livelihood of some of the local residents.

Natural fibre, found in a number of plants, is hand weaved using non-machines looms into cloth, napkins, towels, as well as bags and other souvenirs.

The finished products are sold to regions in Indonesia and exported to countries such as Japan and Germany.

In an interview, Harwi, the manager of Gamplong natural fibre weaving craft, said: "Alhamdulillah, the production and sale of natural fibre weaving is still ongoing despite the coronavirus pandemic. We also still have a lot of orders. We are also affected by COVID-19, but it is not big."

He continued: "The speciality is natural fibre weaving. So the ingredients are all from natural fibres. We weave from water hyacinth, pandanus, and fragrant roots.

"The first obstacle is finding natural resources. The second obstacle is finishing because of the elderly people working."


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