Oh deer

Just some random deer appearing from nowhere. I got scared more than it did.


Some comment to the comments:

lol why do you think it was fake? you never met a deer in forest? that's not my first encounter... last time on my recreational land 2 deers hidden on higher grass started to run straight ahead to me... I literally (not literally, but still... you know what I mean) shit my pants... they noticed me in last second and one of them just brushed passed me... really... never got so scared in my life... I noticed them when they were just started to run towards me from high grass like 2m from me... couldn't do anything... i didn't film that tho'... this time I was trying to film a bird that was on the tree of a line of forest (an eagle) ... deers are really not expecting anyone in there... got run over by some like 4 times in my life... (still alive!)


By: FlashT (2134.00)

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