Drunk American sparks outrage with rude rant at locals in the Philippines

A drunk American has sparked outrage after stumbling into a corner shop and then ranting at locals in the Philippines.

The middle-aged man was holding a can of beer when he barged into the 7-Eleven store in Paranaque City on October 12.

Staff asked him to calm down but the man, who was wearing white trousers and a purple striped shirt, launched into an expletive-filled tirade.

When one worker asked ''what's your problem'' the American lashed out and barked ''put that phone down or I'll kick your a**''.

He then began shouting at the cashier at a different counter selling food.

As he stormed out, the man yelled ''next time the Japanese come, we're going to f*** you in the a**'' in a reference to the Japanese invasion of the Philippines during WWII.

He continues by yelling ''f*** you, you f***ing ignorant pig'' then turns around and shouts ''don't forget, America number one, Philippines down low''.

Onlooker Joshua Javier said the man was "being rude" at the cashier and "shouting nonsense" so he decided to take the video.

Joshua said: ''I asked the man 'what's his problem', but he turned even more violent.

''He was behaving aggressive and offensive to people in the shop and then insulted our country. I don't know if he was drunk but he was holding a can of beer and seemed intoxicated.

“He was very rude to the cashier, and he kept shouting. These people should be deported from the Philippines.''

Shopworkers eventually ushered the irate customer out of the building. He has not yet been identified.



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