Woops, funny how truth works

Hypocrite in chief. Biden*/Harris* begins. ROFL. The US constitution is toilet paper as proven by Nov 3. Let the laughs begin as the blood flows from the victims of Biden*/Harris* soon to be announced wars/surges.

I've given up on US leftists, you guys are literally asleep at the wheel. Religious people fuck off with your "jesus take the wheel" crappola as well.

If nothing else it's going to be amusing in 3-4 years with president Kamala when the leftists potentially wake up to what is happening. If Biden*/Harris* decide to go after Iran as their "powerplay" though we might not be around then given what I've read. We shall see.


By: Globalgenocide (1153.42)

Tags: 2021, Biden Shilling, Wake up

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