Martial Arts master Laoshi Douwe Geluk to World Championships 2019 in China

The World Championships Kung Fu and Taijiquan 2019 are held Emeishan in China. Emeishan is known for many Chinese martial arts styles and systems and there are very important Buddhistic buildings and Temples marked as UNESCO World Heritage. Tai Chi Chuan and Monkey Kung Fu master Laoshi Douwe Geluk is prepared and left his home country the Netherlands for these World Championships 2019. This clip is from Omroep Gelderland a Dutch television broadcasting company who took a short interview of Martial Arts master Douwe Geluk of the Fu Yuan Martial Arts centre. After the World Championships Douwe Geluk will travel to Shaolin Temple in Henan in China for some more training with the Shaolin Monks.


By: TaiChiApeldoorn (90.00)

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