Border Patrol Checkpoint - We're going to get thrown in Jail and you're Bailing us Out

One by one, the Department of Homeland Security surrounds our Nation's Cities. San Diego, California, Yuma, Arizona, Laredo, Texas.

4 residents from Ajo, Arizona travel to watch a movie, gamble in 4 casinos and find themselves buried alive at a drive-thru restaurant.

63 miles north of the Mexican Border a fear instills United States Citizens to consent to Suspicionless vehicle searches at an Immigration Inspection Station.

Today the driver chooses to open no windows or answer any questions.

I'm incognito. I'm incognito too. Ah ha ha. Ha ha ha.
Gloria, Gloria. Huh?

We just picked him up. Picked him up on the road.

He goes, "What Nationality?" I say "United States". Ha,
ha, ha. He started cracking up. I said "You know what I mean".
Ah, ha, ha, ha. Shit.

Oh, just get us through this. I know. Ahh.

Oh, look at the doggy. Yeah that dog scratched my car.

Camera. Yeah that dog scratched my car.

Cyclops Bandana. They're sponsoring the Cyclops Bandana.

Window. Window. Window. Put your window down. Robert.

Put your window down. Window. Robert. God dang you.

Ah shit. Robert. They're going to come after us.

I know. Did he pass you through?

I don't. No.

Is that him? Yeah, but he has four people in the vehicle.

We're going to get thrown in Jail. Ah, ha, ha ha. I know. You're bailing us out. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Oh, Gloria. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

I better go fast now or they'll catch me.

And he didn't even pass us through. I know.

You guys could have rolled your windows down. You got buttons.

He kind of gave a. He kind of went like this. I don't know what he meant by
Oh, here they come.

There you go.

He's got 25 hamburgers and they gave it to him too.

Large Sweet Tea. Sweet Tea.

Large Coke. Large Coke, whose that go to? Me.

What!?! Oh God! Ha, ha, ha. Ha, ha, ha.

Alright. Great. Thanks a lot.

Uh oh. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Look at all those bags.

Ha, ha, ha, ha. Gloria. Ha, ha, ha.

You'll be eating those for awhile. She's buried. Ha, ha, ha.

Oh my God.

Where's my Quarter Pounder?

Ha, ha, ha, ha. Oh shit.

Check one of these. Oh, man.

Oh, can I turn on this one here? Go straight.