Dermatologist extracts massive 15-year-old blackhead from woman's ear

On November 16, a dermatologist in Hoa Binh, northern Vietnam shared this video of a blackhead extract that is guaranteed to make you squirm.

The dermatologist first makes an incision on the top of the massive 15-year-old blackhead. Then, she pushes on both sides to pop it out.

According to the dermatologist, the woman came to her clinic complaining that her earlobes were hurting.

The woman, who gave permission for the video to be recorded, said about 15-years-ago the blackhead first appeared. It was quite small but has grown aggressively over many years.

According to the dermatologist, the blackhead had hardened forming a large black mass in the woman's ear. Failure to remove the pimple would have caused damage and inflection to the ear area.


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Location: Vietnam