The Real reason why I went to Iraq and why Trump want Iran too so bad

That's why Trump Oppose so bad to Obama Nuclear deal from the start and want to break it. But Obama was smart and he did that with all the Other Ally's Countries combined . So he can't just remove it with a executive order or the supreme Court, but those that run everything in the shadows (not Rectilians aliens , Just people with so much power and wealth for generations that are detach from humanity. Zero empathy for us .will eventually create a situation to attack it. And call Operation Irani Freedom.or some crap Take Oil .put their central bank. And try to democratize Iran. And cause Isis part 2
Because of this Free clean energy devices that can run vehicles and city's will never see the light of day .I try but put down so bad that I live forgotten in a hotel like Tesla. So is Cures for deceases . The cure for everything is already available but they rather let the planet die of pollution and deceases . I know because When you work for them with Top Secret Clearance they give the stuff they get, that makes you immune to everything. And if something new come along like the covid19 your immune is so power full that it will take care of in 3-5 5 days and you will not even notice


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