Utah: Man Takes Officer For A Ride... Ends Up Dead

The Ogden Police Department, UT, released multiple body camera of traffic stop for not wearing a seat belt that end in fatal crash that occurred July 21, 2020.

On July 21, an Ogden officer stopped Franklin’s vehicle near 26th street and Monroe Blvd for a seat belt violation. The officer subsequently discovered the plates on the car did not match the vehicle’s registration.

The officer ask Franklin to get out of the vehicle to impound the vehicle but he refuse and drive off with an officer half inside and half outside the car dragging him until the car slept and the officer was ejected.

"All (the officer) was going to do was cite the driver, release him and impound the vehicle. When he approached the vehicle, tried to inform him that, Mr. Franklin decided to argue about it, Police Chief Randy Watt.

The officer was injured but not seriously.

“The officer, fortunately, was close to the grass strip and he landed in the grass strip,” suffering scrapes and abrasions, Watt said.

Than Franklin drove off again to crash head-on in an officer vehicle that was in another traffic stop.
The suspect, James Franklin, 23, died at the scene.

3 officer were injured in the incident but was released from the hospital, but did not sustain serious injuries.


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