Man's Intoxicating Vanity

I've been visiting LiveLeak for years, but sometimes feel bad about not
contributing any media myself, so here we go, my first video upload to the
internet ever!

In April last year a Liveleak member by the name of Streetvibe
published a short piece of home-made music, challenging someone to make something of it.

In the same session I saw this, someone else posted an audio recording
of Charlton Heston reading this piece from the introduction to Jurassic Park by
Michael Crichton.

I couldn’t help thinking I could do something cool by putting both
together, so set about it in order to exercise myself with some new music software.
The beat is much extended and sounds quite different. I used Tracktion 3 and
Native Instruments Komplete 7 Elements.

It stayed unfinished for some months after I got a bit bored with it,
but since I’m now on leave for three weeks after some surgery, I’ve found the
time to finally get it completed and onto LiveLeak.

Sorry, the video is simply made with plain old MovieMaker but it does the
job as an accompaniment to the voice and music.

Hope you like it...