Donetsk Gestapo at work + Chechen Terrorists behead two people, 1 penis removed

Sadistic methods of dealing with dissent in the Donbas have long been known. Dozens of people who have escaped from the dungeons of the “DPR” tell terrible stories. The cruelty of the separatists’ prison is comparable only to the torture chambers of the Gestapo or the NKVD.

An artist from Donetsk and a Maidan activist Anna had been in terrorists’ captivity from May 27 to June 1. She and her friends were kept in the building of the police department.

At a press conference in Lviv, Anna said that she was questioned by representatives of the DPR and was accused of collaborating with the “Right Sector,” reports a Galnet correspondent.

According to her, before the end of May people with different views in Donetsk normally found a common language. “Now anyone in Donbas who is against the DPR, or a member of the political parties or public organizations can find himself/herself in captivity,” – added Dmitro, who has also been imprisoned by terrorists.

Anna told that a person who visited her​​ gave information to the DPR, that the girl is allegedly a dangerous representative of the “Right Sector.”

She said: “When me and my friends were taken to the building we were put in separate rooms. In my room there were two guys without balaclavas. They did not hide their faces, because they thought themselves “suicide”, as according to Ukrainian legislation, they face up to 15 years in prison for separatism.

An older man came to me. He started to shout, asked question about Odessa and Mariupol. He did no need answers. For him it was important to show that he is the authority and the power. I was protecting myself with my arms and legs. They cut my arms and legs. They pointed a gun at me and said that they will kill me. Then they cut my neck. Doctors, who treated the wound said that I survived by a miracle.

During interrogations terrorists asked me whether I was saying “Glory to Ukraine”, whether I went to the rallies for the unity. “Do you think that Donbas is Ukrainian,” – they asked me.

Almost all separatists were locals. There were no Russians.

After the interrogation I was taken to the upper floor. There they spoke to me without violence. Apart form the moment when they cut off my finger and ordered me to write “I love Donbas” with my blood on the wall. I am a patriot, so I had no problems with that.

DPR members believe that there is a female centurion of the “Right Sector”, and that this centurion took part in mass actions in Odessa. Allegedly these women have tattoos on their breasts. Having seen that I have no tattoos they started to treat me with less cruelty.

We were beaten up and our wounds were bleeding. We were forced to wash the floors and cars, in which they took out dead bodies. When you wash the floor the blood pours all over it. Later someone senior came and ordered them not to use violence any more. We were put in a medical unit where DPR activists stitched our wounds.

When the DPR members understood that we are not members of the “Right Sector”, we were told that we will be exchanged. “We were taken to Dnipropetrovsk for an exchange. We had no money, no phone, no clothing. The Ukrainian Security Services did not think of anything better to do with us than to just leave us on the street, wounded and without any money. The good thing that they guys who were exchanging us gave us some money and a phone,” – added prisoner Fedor.


A 102 (999-ed.) call informing about two bodies of men in camouflage clothing and without heads was registered in Artemivsk today . The bodies were laying near a road on the outskirts of the village Reznikova.

Also on the 20th of June a body of a Caucasian of 30-35 years old with a cut off penis in his hand was found in Snizhne. The crime was registered by the MIA agencies in the Donetsk region. The man was killed with a shot to his head.