$50 million usd lawsuit against hotel were drunk woman lost her life in the walk-in freezer

The family of a drunk 19-year-old who died of hypothermia inside a walk-in freezer has sued the hotel where she died for $50 million usd.
The suit filed on Tuesday accuses the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Hotel of negligence in the September 2017 death of Kenneka Jenkins in Rosemont, a suburb of Chicago.
Though the case attracted suspicion of foul play even after surveillance video showed Jenkins stumbling through the hotel in a drunken stupor, the medical examiner ruled that she had accidentally died after becoming stuck in the freezer.
The lawsuit contains new claims about the circumstances of the death of Jenkins, who was partying at a room in the hotel and had been using alcohol.


Friday 11.30pm: Kenneka goes to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont with her friends
Saturday 1.30am: She sends her final text message
Saturday 1.36am: Kenneka's friends appear in Facebook live video
Saturday 4.30am: Her friends call her family to report her missing
Saturday 1.18pm: Kenneka is reported missing
Saturday 1.56pm: Kenneka's 'best friend' posts video which shows her at the hotel
Sunday 1am: Kenneka's body is found inside hotel freezer
Sunday 2am: The same friend posts another video showing Kenneka in hotel elevator
The suit claims that the hotel had other walk-in freezers which were kept locked and were not accessible to the public.
The freezer Jenkins was found dead in was not only unsecured but had 'a sticker affixed that was completely faded and failed to instruct how to release the lock system of the door,' the lawsuit contends.
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