F-35 Fighter Jet Crashed Near Russian Waters

F-35A of the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force had crashed in to the ocean near Russian Kuril Islands during training mission. Fate of the pilot or exact position of the crash site is unknown. Pilot have reported need to abort mission before his plane disappeared from ground control radars. Position of the crash site spawned rumors about possibility of either Russia or China to be able to recover plane or it's parts. Report says parts of the plane were seen breaking off the plane before the crash. All Japanese F-35s were grounded and incident may lead to grounding of the plane in other countries as well. It's the second crash of the F-35 since plane was introduced in to the service after troubled development which saw it's price skyrocket and overextend several times. But first crash was of the more complex F-35B version which have short take-off and vertical-landing capability while crashed Japanese F-35 is of the basic more simple and the most common A variant. Reaction of the countries which announced intend to purchase the plane is to be watched as well as incident may further damage already troubled reputation of the plane.

More info: https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/04/article/japan-china-russia

Approximate location of the crash site. Photo: NHK
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Location: Japan