G8 Summit Protests in Italy

Protesters set up a banner outside their residential tent camp near the G8 summit venue on Wednesday.

The demonstrators say they want to bring attention to the plight of the 60 thousand people made homeless by the earthquake.

[Unidentified Protester]:
"They are spending money for G8 but we need money to renew our houses."

Riot police soon arrived at the LAquila tent camp and also near More..an area where delegates have been viewing the destruction of the town.

In Rome, hundreds of anti-G8 demonstrators gathered outside the Regina Coeli jail on Wednesday to protest the dozens of arrest in the lead-up to the G8 summit.

About 60 people have been arrested across Italy in a tightened security move before the start of the summit.

[Federica, Protester]:
"We are here in solidarity with these people and for the freedom of all the people arrested yesterday at the beginning of the demonstrations against the G8."

Italian authorities hope to prevent a recurrence of the unrest that marred Italy's last G8 summit in Genoa in 2001, and more recently, the violence during the G8 London meeting in April.
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