Chinese worker survives after being impaled by steel bars through chest and neck

A Chinese worker survived after being impaled by two steel bars through his chest and neck after falling from a height in southern China.

The distressing video filmed in Nantong city shows the man pierced by the 80-centimetre bars through his neck and chest on the construction site.

Firefighters came and used hydraulic expansion tools to cut the steel bars on the worker's body. They also used the excavators on the construction site to prepare for lifting the man.

It’s reported that the injured man is 53 years old. Early that morning, he accidentally fell from a height of nearly 5 metres while working on the construction site.

The man was sent to the hospital and, after two hours of surgery, the steel bars were removed successfully. He is currently recovering from the accident.

The video was filmed on July 27 and provided by local media.



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