Roseville Police release video of officers shooting suspect dead after Placer rampage

The Roseville Police Department has released video from a January 2019 officer-involved shooting in which police shot and killed a man, identified by authorities as the suspect in a rampage of violent crimes that had left an elderly woman dead and another victim seriously injured in south Placer County.

The department-released video contains narration from Police Department spokesman Rob Baquera and Capt. Josh Simon. Simon summarizes the events leading up to officers’ shooting of Stanley Stepanski III, a 48-year-old Montana man accused of killing Mary Toste, 93, at her front door in Penryn.

Toste’s death came amid an approximately 90-minute-long string of shootings and violent crimes throughout the region on the rainy evening of Jan. 15, 2019, before law enforcement officials cornered the suspect’s vehicle after it crashed off of Interstate 80.

Roseville Police, in a statement, said the officer-involved shooting was determined to be lawful and in accordance with the department’s policies.

The spree concluded with the suspect vehicle, described by Simon as “a , full-sized truck towing a motorcycle on a trailer,” crashing amid trees along the I-80 ramp to Highway 65. Authorities say the suspect exited the truck holding a handgun and pointed it at officers, who then opened fire on him.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene despite life-saving efforts, Simon said.

The released video comes from the dash camera of a patrol vehicle, as authorities with the Roseville and Rocklin police departments, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and the California Highway Patrol responded to the crash site and surrounded the pickup truck, which ended up entangled in vegetation down an embankment from the highway.

The suspect comes into view, emerging from near the front of his vehicle, and appears to be pointing an item in the officers’ direction, the video shows. Multiple officers can be heard yelling, “Hands in the air!”

Within seconds, the suspect appears to possibly fire a single shot before the officers open a barrage of gunfire in his direction, and the man drops to the ground. Several more shots are fired for a few more seconds as the suspect is on the ground, the video shows.

Nearly simultaneously with the first shots being fired, a police dog that has been identified by authorities as a Placer Sheriff’s K-9 named Eros enters the frame and can be seen charging toward the suspect. The dog is close to the man as dozens of shots are fired at him. About 10 seconds later, after the shots have ended, Eros is seen running with a limp as he returns toward deputies. The dog survived the shooting, Simon said.

According to Simon, six officers in total fired upon Stepanski, who was struck “several times.” Police later recovered a small, handgun from the suspect’s body.



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