Prom Picture To Add To The Collection For Sucksgaywhales.

A user here who is infatuated with me gave me a hard time that I had not uploaded a picture of my prom night for his jerk off collection. So to keep my fans happy I shall post him a picture of my prom night. Shitty quality picture taken with a polaroid instant camera (remember them?).. but oh well. He will just have to fantasize a bit harder! lol lol lol @ him!


Oh.... and since you requested a picture of my prom night, and I obliged... I think you should attempt to prove that I am not completely 100% better, stronger, faster, smarter than you are and post a picture of YOUR prom night for us! After all, you would not want liveleakers to think I have far bigger balls that you would you? You would not want liveleakers to think you are a coward would you? Post your pictures! (I know you wont though... since you got no balls and are a thin skinned coward)



By: ClockworkOrange (3420.80)

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