UPS Driver Among 4 Killed in Shootout Outside Miami

Four people were killed Thursday after a multi-county police pursuit ended in gunfire on Miramar Parkway following an armed robbery in Coral Gables.

The pursuit ended in a hail of bullets on live television as police fired into the UPS truck taken during the robbery over 25 miles away. The firefight occurred after the truck was slowed by traffic and surrounded by police.

Soon after the truck stopped, police opened fire into the vehicle with the suspects and UPS driver inside.

A man could be seen attempting to exit the truck on the passenger’s side during the gunfire, but it’s not known whether he was the UPS employee or one of the suspects.

Officials confirmed to the Miami Herald that two suspects were killed, along with the UPS driver and an innocent bystander.

Police say the two suspects armed with handguns attempted to rob Regent Jewelers at 1261 Mariana Avenue near the intersection of Miracle Mile and LeJeune Road.



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Location: Coral Gables, Florida