Old PKK member kurdish citizen complains about PKK

First video: "In Bağlar, my child can't go school for a week because of PKK burned "Vehbi Koç Primary School".My big brother died in the mountains.I myself was in prisons.I trialed by death for my pkk membership.But in the 90's, pkk was oppressed and rightful with their actions.Today, pkk conducting cruel politics.My brother died in the mountains.I lived in the pkk for 15-20 years but now, the politics which conducting by pkk is completely different from kurdish politics."

Second video:
"Now, today, kurdish people turned from 100 hundred year old cruel politics which conducting by Republic of Turkey to 15 year old freedom politics.But pkk, insistently performing cruelty politics with different aspects.In the 90's when unsolved murders and extrajudicial executions was performed by goverment but today it is performing by pkk.We are not accepting this.Children of Selahattin Demirtaş is studying at private schools, children of Pervin Buldan is studying at Europe, in Diyarbakır, they are trying to prevent my children's education right with burning of Vehbi Koç Primary School. And Selahattin Demirtaş, defending these actions as a "ditch politics".We are not accepting this"