Belgium Was Informed - Did not jail Brussels Attacker

The Brussels Terrorist was arrested and jailed by Turkish Authorities last July, 2015. He was then deported to Belgium and Belgium was warned and informed by Turkey about the terrorist. He was then released by the French government of Belgium afterwards, who did not see any links or proof between the suspect and ISIS.

For a whole year, the French government tracked the suspects' whereabouts, calls and contacts. Yet they allowed the ISIS suspect to commit this horrible crime a year after. The French government is now suspected of aiding IS by allowing some of them to roam freely in the EU despite knowing about the links they have with extremists and their intentions as well.

Turkey had warned them about the suspect being an ISIS terrorist but the French government of Belgium refused the Turkish accusations against the suspected IS fighter.

Hopefully, The Turkish Authorities will keep on arresting and jailing ISIS terrorists in Turkey. However, this will not work or help if other EU nations do not jail these suspected IS fighters after Turkey have been deporting them to those EU nations and even warned them about the suspects. The EU countries need to listen to the Turkish Authorities and jail these suspected IS fighters if Turkey tells them to do so. They basically need to do the same, Turkey is doing to these Islamist IS terrorists.


By: Turkish Covert Ops (394.60)

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Location: Turkey