Threading an accident

The author of this video almost became a participant in the mass accident that happened last Friday, December 13, on the highway Tomsk - Kolpashevo in the Tomsk Region.

The driver of the car did not notice that a timber truck was standing in his way, parked at the side of the road and turned on the emergency gang.

The car flew into the truck, after which it was thrown directly under the oncoming wagon.

At this moment, between the colliding vehicles, the car slipped from which the shooting was conducted.

According to eyewitnesses, as a result of the incident, two people were injured in a passenger car that twice collided with trucks.

A woman who received more serious injuries was taken away by an ambulance crew, who was nearby, and her companion, who escaped with relatively minor injuries, remained in the accident scene.


By: ThisIsButter (38764.80)

Tags: vehicles, accident

Location: Tomsk