Tucker: This is the greatest threat to democracy, freedom worldwide

All answers can be found in history. In this case, the US and China are locked into the Thucydides trap whether or not the Coronavirus occurred. Thucydides was history's first historian who objectively recorded the lead up to war between the two most powerful city-states, Sparta and Athens, two former allies who had previously joined forces against the Persians. This led to the Peloponnesian War circa 400 BC which lasted nearly 30 years.

The gravitational force that pulled Athens and Sparta toward their collision was the relentless rise of Athens and Sparta's growing sense that this was undermining its position of predominance in Greece. Everything that happened then is happening now except at a quicker pace.

The likelihood of war between the US and China is the rule, not the exception. Throughout history, the Thucydides trap has been played over and over again. Of the previous 16 situations that pitted incumbent powers against ascendant powers, war came 14 times.


Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides's Trap? By Graham Allison (2017)


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