Chinese motorist distracted by phone drives car into river when crossing over bridge

A motorist distracted by his phone drove his car into a river when crossing over a bridge in southwestern China.

In the video, shot in the county of Meitan in Guizhou Province on February 21, a white car is driven into a river after turning a corner on to a bridge.

Another clip shows a crane sending rescuers to take the car out of the water.

According to the driver named Zhang, he glanced at his phone when driving. After he raised up his head, he saw two passengers on the bridge and was scared of crashing into them. Then he accidentally drove into the river.

Luckily, he kicked the car door open and escaped from the car when it was still floating on the river.

Although Zhang's hand was dislocated, he was in good condition.


By: NewsFlare (116688.00)

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