Hilarious waiter follows the 'open-air bars' in the coldest city of Argentina and pushes "frozen customer" off his chair

The owners of a restaurant located in Puerto Almanza, Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, in Patagonia, Argentina, recognized by the famous "Lighthouse at the end of the world" by Julio Verne, made people laugh with a video about the new phase of isolation announced by the national government.

Faced with this news, the owners of the restaurant "La Sirena y el Capitán", in Puerto Almanza, Ushuaia, decided to take the novelty with humor and share a funny video with Latin America News Agency filmed on August 31.

"Here we go with the plate, following all the protocols our dear President placed... it's snowing a bit..." the man said in Spanish. "Enjoy your food sir... sir?"

The fact is that with temperatures that are around 1 ° minimum and 7 ° maximum, many towns in Tierra del Fuego see the possibility of setting up their gastronomic shops outdoors as a utopia.


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Location: Patagonia, Argentina