Representative of "DNR" Terrorist Group in France arrested for pimping


In France, the police detained "Honorary Consul of the DNR" Hubert Fayar on suspicion of pimping. The title is superficial as there is no consulate and it's just registered as a social club for terrorism enthusiasts.

The arrest of this douchebag was made public on April 10. “Hubert Fayar was placed in custody in France on the eve of the opening of the second DNR office in the country,” writes RIA Novosti, citing personal sources. Not sure why France needs two terrorist offices, but I guess they needed room for a ping pong table.

At the moment, he is in custody, he is suspected of engaging in pimping. During a search, police seized money that were proceeds of the crime.

Maybe this was Graham Phillips' pimp.

It's like those morally bankrupt foreigners standing in defense of the Kingdom of Thailand because they can go have sex with kids there. Graham is definitely one of those foreigners



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