Indian police officer dragged 500 metres along road by rogue youths on motorbike

A police officer attempting to stop three youths on a motorbike in north India was dragged along the road for around 500 metres before falling off.

The incident took place on a road in Sonipat, Haryana on February 10, after the officer tried to halt the motorbike that was riding in violation of traffic laws.

Footage from another vehicle shows that two of the three youths riding the bike were dragging the neck and arms of the Home Guard officer on the tarmac.

The injured Home Guard is being treated at Khanpur Hospital in Haryana district.

DSP Jitendra stated that when the Home Guard officer was on duty at Maharana Pratap Chowk of Sonipat when he tried to stop the bike, instead of stopping the motorcycle youths picked up the Home Guard and dragged him away.

A case has been registered and arrest warrants have been issued for all three offenders.


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