Hello . This beach day video has many altered sound and video clips. The effects, I think, are fairly entertaining and amusing. I use some mock-epic slow-motion effects and music (Chariots of Fire theme song) on one clip, and then the "Oh Yeah" song of Ferris Bueller fame on another pretty much hideous example of the ol' Cipher This's morbid obesity on display. I need to lose weight; I'm dangerously overweight, even, and working on implementing diet and exercise plans, but I figured I'd let Liveleakers have some fun at my expense, at this point in time, with some seriously self-effacing humor.

It's a long story of how I went from being a buffed-out athlete to a dangerously and morbidly obese old man, but the story's not over. I'll get back to a reasonable semblance of proper weight/height ratio and cardiovascular fitness. I am determined, despite my current condition. I'm afraid that the weight-pumping days are over though. The old vertebrae and joints are shot, but that's no reason to give up completely.

Hey, I can always lose weight, but those of who have ugly mugs can't change ugly, heheh.....so have at me and savage me with your comments of revulsion and contempt. I'll get you, my pretties, if you overstep your snarkitis rations for the day, though, lol....... As always, I appreciate being a part of this online community. Enjoy..........and cheers, .


By: Cipher This (2581.80)

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