Ukraine Begun Troop Withdrawal

After 5 years of unsuccessful attacks and failure to subdue resistance of people in the Eastern Ukraine supported by Russia, Ukrainian government begun withdrawing troops from the front lines with Doneck and Lugansk people's republics signaling it's readiness to peaceful settlement of the conflict. This became possible after complete defeat of political junta of pro-Western oligarch Poroshenko in recent elections, who became president of Ukraine after Obama and Clinton supported violent coup of 2014. Coup that started civil war in Ukraine and separation of Crimea.

Defeat of Hilary Clinton in US elections of 2016 and recent failure of "Russia collusion" campaign, that was meant to discredit president Donald Trump as well as recent EU call for strategic partnership with Russia, mainly advocated by the French president Emmanuel Macron, also create environment supportive for the resolution of conflict in the Ukraine.

Withdrawal of the Ukrainian troops is one of the conditions set by Vladimir Putin in order for Russia to agree to a new Normandy Four meeting that France calls for. Another one been exchange of the prisoners -which Ukraine already fulfilled.

Withdrawing of the Ukrainian troops begun in Stanitsa Luganskaya (LNR) under control of the OBSE observers. To fulfill it's obligations, Ukraine still needs to pull their troops also from Zolotoe (LNR) and Petrovskoye (DNR).

Ukraine agreed to withdraw it's troops from the front line after catastrophic defeat at the battle of Debaltsevo as part of a Minsk Agreement already in 2014, but newer intended to implement it under presidency of Poroshenko. Poroshenko and his far right supporters personally profited from corruption in the military procurement system and were therefore interested in prolonging the war. Even as it became clear that Ukraine is loosing. Today ex-president Poroshenko is facing 11 criminal charges in Ukraine ranging from corruption, abuse of office to high treason. He seems to be following feat of another US puppet president and his former friend turned foe, ex-president of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili who is on the run from justice in his country. For a time, Saakashvili was hiding in the Ukraine under protection of Poroshenko. But then was kicked out when two turned on each other.



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